Working from home? Stay Focused and have Fun with a New Beading Project

Brighten up your outlook with bursts of color!

Stock up on some New Tools! Make jewelry like a pro with a fresh new set, or, just update a particular plier that has been over-loved :)

We carry a full selection of Beadsmith pliers, the brand that we trust, use, and teach with in the shop

Meditate with a Knotting project! Learn how to add a knot in between each bead with silk cord in our popular Hand Knotting class, or come by to pick up supplies and have a go on your own!

Get into a knotting project and find satisfaction with each turn of your Awl.

A Mala is a beautiful way to wear beads that serve as a reminder to stay calm and centered. Come see some of our lovely in-house designs.

Chrysoprase beads are delightful in their green color, and they promote joy and happiness within the wearer.

March's Birthstone isn't always Blue! Aquamarine also comes in gorgeous shades of peach and green. 20% OFF all Aquamarine beads and jewelry, all month long.

Always handmade; Always one-of-a-kind.

Beader Spotlight! Christina created an Under-The-Sea vibe by using a braided netting of fine, natural leather to knot gorgeous Baroque Pearls. This bib-style necklace is a mermaid's dream.

Spring Cleaning! Freshen up your favorite pieces. Let us professionally clean and repair your most treasured treasures.

Slide yourself into some sparkle!

An All-Star Line Up! Everyone's favorite rockstar pins are restocked with some new headliners! Can you name them all? You can certainly collect them all :)

Represent your Fave Rock n' Roller

Don't let the kids get restless! Send them to the bead shop to stay creative amongst the chaos. We will stay open, and continue to keep a clean, safe, and colorful space.

Young Beaders are some of our Favorite Beaders

Things right now are so strange, and the feeling of the "unknown" can be, and is, a bit terrifying. One of the reasons that I love beading so much is that it takes my worries away- even for just the periods of time I am concentrating on a project at hand. The one thing that I can be assured in, and assure you with, is that the shop is always cleaned- health scare or not. To run an operation like this, it is just how it goes. I understand the fear in getting sick- and I am continuing my daily ritual of making sure this is a safe and sanitary retreat for mindful making. Feel welcome, and feel secure in coming by anytime. I have hand sanitizer, and as always, nothing but positive energy. All smiles, Sharon


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