Happy Birthday October!

Opal and Tourmaline - so many colors, so many shapes, no two are ever identical -except- All are 20% off this month. All the more reason, to love this colorful season!

Opals, Opals, Opals. Peruvian Blue and Pink Opal, Speckled Dendrite Opal, RARE Green Opal, Boulder Opal, and Ethiopian Opal- just a peek at some of the gorgeous gemstones we carry here at the shop.

Keep it simple and chic with October's Birthstone. Let us put a 24K gold set pendant on a chain for you. Layer up your chain game!

In shades of Pale Pink and Vibrant Watermelon, there is a Tourmaline for everyone. October's essential rock star.


Beader Spotlight! This FABULOUS Dendrite Opal necklace was hand knotted with black silk and finished with Vintage Glass by talented Deborah Striar- created right here, at our communal table. Beautiful work Deb! What will YOU make today?

Dendrite Opals have fern-like inclusions and a hint of lavender coloring

Teeny Dried Flowers and Dandelion Fuzz are captured in time, a delicate statement for the Autumn months.

Beads Don't Go Bad! Let us revive your precious jewelry and get back into cherished pieces.

We took these 16 broken strands of Labradorite and with a touch of magic, (and a few tools!) recreated the original design- more secure than ever. We professionally repair all types of jewelry. Bring in your broken pieces and let us let us work that magic for you.


Whether you go full force wacky and weird, or just add an itsy, bitsy bit of spooky this Halloween- we've got your Bat! I mean, back. Come get creepy cute.

These earrings are love at first bite!

Contest Time! Win a Gift Certificate to spend at your FAVE bead shop - Bead On Bond

Use your noggin! A chance to guess how many skulls are in the bowl with every purchase this month. The closest guess wins a $25 Gift Certificate to Bead On Bond. We will announce the winner on October 31st, Halloween.

Gorgeous In-House Handmade One-Of-A-Kind Opal Jewelry is 20% Off this October!

Did somebody say Armparty? Yes! And you are all invited!

We feel very fortunate to share a community with so many talented artists and makers. We are proud sponsors of Gowanus Open Studios again this year. Stop by and pick up a map or pop in to say hi while you stroll around our colorful and creative community the weekend of October 19-20.

How do you fix a broken pumpkin? With a pumpkin patch! What is the cutest season? Awwwwtumn! How do oak leaves get from place to place? Autumn-mobiles! How do apples speak in the library? In their in-cider voices! What's a scarecrow's favorite fruit? Straw-berries! Who is the corniest beader alive? Me. Smiles, Sharon


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