What’s better than making memories while making jewelry? Let us host your next party at Bead On Bond!



Have a blast at your beading Birthday celebration. We can accommodate up to 12 people at our communal table where everyone digs into fun and fabulous (and age appropriate) bowls of beads. With a minimum of 2 professional beaders on staff to assist, we will show you how to design and construct one-of-a-kind handmade necklaces and bracelets. The Guest of Honor receives a beautiful birthstone necklace, and each guest leaves with 2-3 pieces of finished, handmade beaded jewelry in a lovely jewelry pouch. Feel welcome to bring food, drinks, and dessert…we will do the rest!


1.5-2 hours, $30/per beader for studio, material/findings, and staff,  plus $15/guest for beads



Make the days leading up to your wedding special with personal beading and jewelry making. Gather your friends at Bead On Bond where we can create gorgeous custom accessories to be worn at the wedding or at any time at all. A quick conversation with us and we will curate the perfect gems for a perfect party. Bring food, drinks, even Champagne!…this is an event you will never forget.


2 hours, $30/guest plus custom bead and materials budget


Team Building

Beading is a social art activity. Unlike painting, drawing, or writing- when you sit down to make jewelry lots and lots of schmoozing is going to happen. Both women and men can enjoy some time brainstorming with one another about the array of different colors, textures, and sizes of the stones, share opinions and suggestions about design elements and layouts, and help one another to create a final look to be fashioned into a gorgeous piece of jewelry. A little wine and/or sugary dessert can really jump start the fun.


1-2 hours, $30/per beader plus $15-$20/head for beads


Therapeutic Beading

We encourage groups of people with different levels of ability to join us for some satisfying stringing! Beading is not only the means to create a beautiful piece of wearable art; there are many physical and mental benefits to creating in this way. Making jewelry can sharpen hand to eye coordination, challenge us to consider color, shape, and size, and act as a fun exercise in mindfulness. When we are beading, we are not thinking much about our worries outside of the beading studio. The satisfaction of creating a piece of jewelry that we designed and constructed can be a priceless take-away.


1-2 hours, $15/per beader plus $15/head for beads

Girl Scouts

We are happy to help the Girl Scouts of America earn their jewelry badges! Please contact us for prices and to book time.

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