Brighten up your outlook with bursts of color!

Stock up on some New Tools! Make jewelry like a pro with a fresh new set, or, just update a particular plier that has been over-loved :)

We carry a full selection of Beadsmith pliers, the brand that we trust, use, and teach with in the shop

Meditate with a Knotting project! Learn how to add a knot in between each bead with silk cord in our popular Hand Knotting class, or come by to pick up supplies and have a go on your own!

Get into a knotting project and find satisfaction with each turn of your Awl.

A Mala is a beautiful way to wear beads that serve as a reminder to stay calm and centered. Come see some of our lovely in-house designs.

Chrysoprase beads are delightful in their green color, and they promote joy and happiness within the wearer.

March's Birthstone isn't always Blue! Aquamarine also comes in gorgeous shades of peach and green. 20% OFF all Aquamarine beads and jewelry, all month long.

Always handmade; Always one-of-a-kind.

Beader Spotlight! Christina created an Under-The-Sea vibe by using a braided netting of fine, natural leather to knot gorgeous Baroque Pearls. This bib-style necklace is a mermaid's dream.

Spring Cleaning! Freshen up your favorite pieces. Let us professionally clean and repair your most treasured treasures.

Slide yourself into some sparkle!

An All-Star Line Up! Everyone's favorite rockstar pins are restocked with some new headliners! Can you name them all? You can certainly collect them all :)

Represent your Fave Rock n' Roller

Don't let the kids get restless! Send them to the bead shop to stay creative amongst the chaos. We will stay open, and continue to keep a clean, safe, and colorful space.

Young Beaders are some of our Favorite Beaders

Things right now are so strange, and the feeling of the "unknown" can be, and is, a bit terrifying. One of the reasons that I love beading so much is that it takes my worries away- even for just the periods of time I am concentrating on a project at hand. The one thing that I can be assured in, and assure you with, is that the shop is always cleaned- health scare or not. To run an operation like this, it is just how it goes. I understand the fear in getting sick- and I am continuing my daily ritual of making sure this is a safe and sanitary retreat for mindful making. Feel welcome, and feel secure in coming by anytime. I have hand sanitizer, and as always, nothing but positive energy. All smiles, Sharon

Happy Birthday February!

Hooray to the Sweetest month of the year! February's Gorgeous Birthstones, Amethyst and Onyx are 20% OFF

Balance your moods, calm your anxieties, dissolve negativity, and look dang good doin' it in Amethyst!
Incredible Onyx. Did you know that Onyx comes in other colors besides black?

ALL Amethyst and Onyx Jewelry is 20% OFF throughout February! 

Green Onyx! This is my personal FAVE. Each stone is gorgeous on it's own, and when married with 14K Gold, well, I'm in heaven.

Valentine's Day is Friday February 14th! Come by and make something sweet. All Heart and Flower beads are 10%. Love, Love, Love.

All you need is LOVE. And beads, and jewelry.

Plan a Date and the Bead Shop and get making together! Available in any denomination, our Gift Certificates are Cupid's fave. We are happy to mail them out for you :)

Gift Certificates never expire and can be used towards both Merchandise and Classes :))

Have you taken our super popular Crystal Cage Wrap class? Learn how to turn these magical stones into wearable charms! All materials included in the cost of class, and everyone leaves with several wrapped crystals and a beautiful chain in the colors of their choice. Wrap it up here !

Quartz is the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom.

Lots of new stuff for the kids, and the kids at heart. Bring em by for the sweetest charms!

lollipop charms

bubble tea charms

butterfly charms

Beader Spotlight! I met Barbara while she was the booth attendant at my subway stop for decades. I noticed she was dripping in beaded creations, and "picked her up"(yes, if you are wearing beaded jewelry, we WILL be friends), added her to my large crew of Beader buddies. She's become a faithful pal and is a wildly talented artist.

Barbs shows off her handiwork, a result from our Square Stitched earrings class. Look out for the return of this excellent technique on March's class schedule, going LIVE tomorrow!

Please Plan Ahead! Lots of parties lately, including 2/7-2/9. We will will be closing at 5pm on Friday, and opening at 2pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for schedule updates. Thanks for your patience and SUPPORT!

Its true, we do have the Best Birthday Parties in Brooklyn. Plan yours with us today and make beautiful jewelry while making wonderful memories :))

We love the fellas! Talented Musa shows off the results of his very first beading class. Learn how to create your own, one-of-a-kind wire wrapped earrings in our popular Earrings class. Sign Up today and start your own beading journey!

Musa explained that he takes all different types of classes around NYC to balance with the stress of his 9-5. We love his unexpected design.

Sorry, Vinnie, no- you can't teach class today.

He's all thumbs.

February is one of my favorite months, I am a real romantic- so even though some people call Valentine's Day a Hallmark holiday, I still love the imagery and colors that come along with the day. And of course, Amethyst. My dad was born on the 18th, and although he is no longer here with me, he did give me my first geode- an Amethyst, which I still have. We get an extra day this month with Leap Year- so another day to enjoy the rich and soft purple colors. Come by and spend some time making something special for your sweetie, your bestie, or whom should be the greatest recipient of your love, YOURSELF.

Smiles, Sharon

Make something special for Everyone on your list and enjoy some creative relaxation with time spent at Bead On Bond

Walk right in and let us help you to make a one-of-a-kind piece of Jewelry. Let us guide you every step of the way.

All Turquoise Jewelry is 20% Off throughout December

Something for everyone, not just lucky December babies!

Staff Picks! Some of our stocking stuffer faves for the Makers on your list...

On-Trend Tile Mosaic Bracelet Kits! This bracelet style is coveted, and usually at a very high price- create your own, with your own distinct measurement and design. At $15 a kit, create a whole stack!

DIY Earring Kits! Complete with Gemstones and Findings, give the gift of creativity this season.

$12/per kit! Pick up some tools to complete the gesture!

Popular Color Options toolkits are a Beader's dream! The full sized tools match the case- aesthetically pleasing for the chic-est designers! Get a free design board with purchase of any tools this weekend.

Artisan One-Of-A-Kind Gifts 

It takes years and years of practice to perfect hand knotting, getting beads perfectly snug between silk knots. This green Chrysoprase beauty on the left is Sharon's 500th knotted necklace. When you purchase jewelry from Bead On Bond, you are getting expert crafts(woman)ship in each and every design. Start your knotting journey in a class!

Itty Bitty Gemstone Hoops. Handcrafted with 14K Gold and Sterling Silver wire, which will go home with you?

Tahitian Pearl, Peruvian Opal, Mystic Garnet, Iolite, Cherry Quartz, and Aquamarine. Can you pick a favorite?

A pair of earrings for each month, packaged in cutie-patootie compartments!

Straight-strung, slightly spaced Rondelle Gemstones are right on-trend this Holiday Season

Let us wrap up a chic design for you- the only thing you have to do is choose which one!

The Busy Shopper's Favorite: Gift Certificates!

Gift Certificates can be used for everything from merchandise to classes. We are happy to mail them out for you, just give us a call 718.935.0331

You can create Jewelry with any budget. We sell loosies as well as strands. Come shop every color in the rainbow and every gemstone in the world, one-by-one.

Did you know that we source our beads from only women-owned small businesses in the USA? When you purchase from Bead On Bond, you are helping to keep tiny businesses afloat. Thats good vibes!

Thank You to Cut & Crafted for inviting us to spend last Sunday at their Holiday pop up right here in Gowanus! One more Sunday left to shop ALL WOMEN small businesses. Support LOCAL Gowanus artists!! 

We had the most magical afternoon making bracelets with lots of familiar Gowanus neighbors at our bracelet making hangout!

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